About me

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A lifelong learner

I am a “mind-reading” full-stack web developer, a lifelong learner, a giver and an amateur comic artist. I have a great passion for web development and strong belief in the value of the combination of working hard and working smart. I believe that if we work hard in a smart-right-way, we could achieve more and better.

An ambitious developer

With many years working in web industry as a professional consultant, I have experienced in many aspects of web development including consultant, design, development and project management or team leading. I see every day as a chance to learn new thing to fulfill my knowledge so I keep learning from everybody and everything that I could reach, and I primarily focus on:

  • Agile development: I believe that Agile will become one of the most important parts in software development. It’s not only about delivering good quality software product but also how we could adapt real world problems better.

  • Productivity improvement: I always update myself with new technologies, new working methodologies then practicing them in my side-projects or freelancer ones. So I could find out what’s working for me, what could help me improving my productivity and share them to everybody, even it’s a tiny coding trick or a big change in mindset.

  • Efficient human interaction: I strongly believe that everybody could do great things with the right tools in the right way. So if we could collaborate & guide people efficiently, it would bring the huge impact to not only projects but also with company culture.

Beside of that, I’m also interested in many interesting topics, such as:

  • Psychology Reading or RnD about stuff that effect/related to Productivity, Reducing procrastinations.
  • Human Development: How to live a healthy life, maintain a good relationship, Self-improvement, Personal Branding.
  • Products/Projects Management with effectiveness, lean and smart.
  • All aspect of software development like Architecture design, Backend, Frontend, SysOps, Quality Assurance, UI/UX …

A young entrepreneur

“What we know is a drop of water. What we do not know is an ocean.” is my favorite quote that I learned when I was 12. It always reminds me of being an everyday learner, and I’m always looking forward to challenging myself for non-stop improving and advancing my career.

And a simple man

Above of all, I’m just a simple-happy-man who has a warm family with my beautiful wife and my lovely daughter. And my hobbies are pretty geeky: Gaming, Reading or playing around with Open-source projects